Artificial Intelligence Midterm 2 Review

Please bring a calculator. Notes will not be allowed.

Here's what will be on the test:

  • There will be a utility theory question.
    • It will be given in the form of a story problem (as usual).
    • It will be a little bit more involved that the one on the previous exam.
    • You will have to draw a tree that represents the decisions and contingencies of the problem. The tree you draw will be expected to look very similar to the one on the answer key (so make sure you know how that is done.)
    • You will have to do some basic algebra to compute something.
    • You will have to use an inequality. (Don't forget to flip it when you multiply by a negative value.)
    • Be sure to check your work.
  • There will be a mini-max question.
    • I will describe an obscure two-player zero-sum game.
    • You will be asked to draw a tree that represents all possible outcomes for the game.
    • I will ask you about what decisions will be made, and who will win, if both players use a mini-max strategy.
  • There will be an alpha-beta pruning question.
    • I will ask you to mark which branches of a certain tree will be pruned if you use alpha-beta pruning to implement mini-max.
  • There will be a small number of multiple-choice (or matching, or true/false, etc.) style questions. Topics to study include:
    • topics that were on the previous midterm review
    • I may (or may not) repeat questions from the previous exam.
    • game theory
    • learning decision trees from data
    • bootstrap aggregation
    • ensembles