CSCE 5013 - Homework 6
Due Date - December 8, 2011 at 5:00 PM

1. Problem Statement:

The goal of this assignment is to gain an understanding of the mathematical framework for stereo vision. In particular, your task is to work out the equations for calculating the depth of objects in the scene given different camera setups. Since this is a written assignment you will NOT be required to implement or test these equations.

2. Two camera stereo:

To start with, draw a diagram to show how two pin-hole cameras pointing in the same direction would view a scene. The first camera has its focal point at location (0,0,0) and the second camera is located at (d,0,0). They are both pointing in the direction of the positive z-axis with their image planes at z = -f.

3. Moving camera stereo:

Draw a diagram to illustrate a pin-hole camera moving back and forth along a rod taking multiple images of a scene. The initial position of the focal point is (0,0,0). As the camera moves along the x-axis at uniform speed it takes N pictures when the focal point is at (0,0,0), (d,0,0), (2d,0,0) ... (Nd,0,0). As before, the camera is pointing in the direction of the positive z-axis with the image plane is z = -f.

4. Project Submission:

There is no need to submit this project online. Instead bring a hard copy to class or put it in my mailbox in the department office.