CSCE 5683
Class Syllabus
Fall 2012


Name: John Gauch
Office: 518 JBHT
Class Hours: Tues, Thurs 2:00 - 3:30
Office Hours: Tue 9:00-10:00, Thu 9:00-11:00
Phone: (479) 575-4024
Email: jgauch(at)
Web Page:

Course Description:

The objective of this class is to give students a hands on introduction to the fundamentals of digital image/video processing. Students are expected to have experience programming in C or C++ in a UNIX environment, but no prior experience in signal processing or linear systems theory is expected. A wide variety of image/video processing applications will be discussed including: image enhancement, noise removal, image restoration, motion estimation and image compression.

Text Book:

"Digital Image Processing" (3rd Ed) by Gonzalez and Woods, Prentice Hall, 2008. (previous editions are highly similar and would be fine)


Final grades in this class will be determined by a weighted average of programming project grades (5-6 assignments worth about 10% each), and exam scores (2 exams worth 25% each). We will use the following scale to assign final grades:

A: over 90%
B: 80% - 89%
C: 70% - 79%
D: 60% - 69%
F: below 60%

Academic Misconduct:

The department, college, and university have very strict guidelines regarding academic misconduct. Obviously, copying is not allowed on exams. Students are expected to submit their own work on individual programming projects. Lending or borrowing all or part of a program from another student is not allowed. Students ARE allowed to borrow and modify any code on this class web site in their labs or programming projects. Instances of cheating will result in a zero on the copied assignment/exam and the policy specified in the University of Arkansas Undergraduate Studies Catalog, Academic Regulations, Academic Dishonesty will be followed.

ADA Statement:

If any member of the class has a documented disability and needs special accommodations, the instructor will work with the student to provide reasonable accommodation to ensure the student a fair opportunity to perform in this class. Please advise the instructor of the disability and the desired accommodations within the first week of the semester.

Inclement Weather:

If the university is officially closed, class will not be held. When the university is open, you are expected to make a reasonable effort to attend class, but not if you do not feel that you can get to campus safely. Assignment due dates will be postponed in case of inclement weather.