CSCE 5683 - Homework 2
Due Date - 09/30/2010

1. Problem Statement:

The primary goal of this assignment is to gain experience with intensity transformations and histogram based image processing operations. Your specific tasks are listed below:

2. Design:

The formulas for the image processing operations are in the text book and the online notes. Remember to loop over the "output pixels" when performing your operations. Also remember to perform float/int conversions properly and do array bounds checking or your program may crash.

3. Implementation:

My standard advice is to develop your code incrementally so you always have something that compiles and runs, even if it is not complete.

4. Testing:

Test your program to check that it operates correctly for all of the requirements listed above and save a variety of output images for your report. Also check for the error handling capabilities of the code.

5. Documentation:

When you have completed your program, write a short report describing what the objectives were, what you did, and the status of the program. Does it work properly for all test cases? Are there any known problems?

6. Project Submission:

Print a copy of your report and programs and hand them into your instructor during class or in the department office. Include a title page which has your name and uaid.