CSCE 4013 - Homework 5
Video Game Demonstration
Due Date - 04/08/2014 in class

1. Project Requirements:

For this homework assignment, you will be working in groups of 3-4 students to design and specify a simple video game. In your next homework assignment, your group will implement and test this game. Your game must have the following properties:

2. Project Deliverables:

Now that your team has completed your video game it is time to demonstrate what you have accomplished to the class. Each team will be given 10 minutes to tell the class about their video game and perform a live demo. In addition, each team should submit their final report that includes the following:

3. Project Submission:

In this class, we will be using electronic project submission to make sure that all students hand their programming projects and labs on time, and to perform automatic analysis of all programs that are submitted. When you have completed the tasks above go to the class web site to "Upload" your documentation (a single docx file), and your C++ program (a tar file containing all source and your makefile).

The dates on your electronic submission will be used to verify that you met the due date above. All late projects will receive reduced credit:

You will receive partial credit for all programs that compile even if they do not meet all program requirements, so handing projects in on time is highly recommended.